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Code of Conduct

Online Event Code of Conduct

We want all visitors and contributors to Race, Rights and Sovereignty online events to have a safe, informative and valuable experience. Accordingly, attendees must comply with this Code of Conduct.

In participating in an event you have consented to comply with The Glasgow School of Art’s (GSA) Code of Conduct. We want to ensure that your experience is positive and productive and do not tolerate harassment or bullying in any form. 


Harassment and bullying are defined as:

•Negative comments about race/ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, physical appearance, citizenship, or other protected categories

•Intimidation or threats, including sharing images or text especially to threaten

•Unwelcome sexual attention, including sharing images or text especially to sexually harass

•Threatening or other endangerment of minors

•Any activity meant to convey or cultivate hostility

•Ad hominem insults or other attacks

•Encouraging the above behaviour

Participants who do not adhere to this code will be asked to stop their behaviour and if it is felt they are not complying they will be removed from the discussion.


You can also submit concerns about any issues, to which will be manned by Jenny Brownrigg during the event. 

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