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Upcoming Events

Image: Ghost ship off the south-eastern coast of Barbados, 2017. Image courtesy Dr S Ayesha Hameed

Events are co-organised by the The Art School: GSA Students' Association and The GSA Public Lecture Series.


Unless otherwise stated, all events are open to the public.

Events are always free.


If you require any further assistance/information to attend the event, please do let us know by contacting us.

You can view our further Accessibility statement here.

Monday 22 May 2023

Woodlands Community Garden, Meeting Room
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Stimulated by text-based prompts provided by Clarinda, participants can engage as membranes, rejecting and choosing with bodily intelligence in this compositional, playful, continually shifting two-hour workshop. 

There will be exercises on relieving cranial pressure, playing scapula muscles as a harp, imagination as a cat, and connecting with prehistoric plants, landfill waste and cellular self. 

This workshop explores making with the body and attempting to dip in on developing an unburdening practice. 

Participants are welcome to rest at any point and we will have a designated rest area in the Woodlands Meeting Room. We will also take breaks throughout the workshop. We acknowledge that movement-based workshops could imply a degree of physical demand and vulnerability within a group setting, please let us know of any concerns or questions you may have in advance. 

Image of blue hues. A person sitting in protective position. A bigger person in the background from a worm’s eye-view, dropping a jelly substance with a ladle.

'Micro Moves, open-eyed, tidal body: Gentle Movement Workshop' by Clarinda Tse

Clarinda Tse is an interdisciplinary performance maker, bodyworker and workshop facilitator-learner-sharer, Hong Kong-born and Glasgow-based. 


Their work explores compositions of material ecologies and bodies as agency for worlding. Their habitat is sensual, slippery, more-than-human and transitional, fragmented, drawn from everyday experience, multiplicities of selves, play and cellular reconciliation, across mediums of live art, text, sculpture and sound.  


They have presented work at Buzzcut Double Thrills 2022, Unifix 2021, Present Futures 2021 and were supported by The Work Room, Bothy Project, Transmission, Glasgow and Market Gallery.


This event is part of the Race, Rights & Sovereignty Caring Between Practices strand. Caring Between Practices is a programme strand inviting artists and practitioners working at the intersections of healing and creative practices. The series aims to consider what an embodied approach to making might look like within our own practices, and how we care for ourselves and each other within the creative process.

The Race, Rights & Sovereignty series is a free programme of public lectures, workshops and other events delivered by The Glasgow School of Art and The Art School: GSA's Students' Association.

Image (above): from “Rainclouds”, video still, 2021

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