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Image: Ghost ship off the south-eastern coast of Barbados, 2017. Image courtesy Dr S Ayesha Hameed

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Upcoming Events

Lecture & Seminar

Strategies of Ecological Witnessing

Imani Jacqueline Brown

We are delighted to be welcoming Imani Jacqueline Brown to The Glasgow School of Art to deliver an online lecture and accompanying seminar considering her research into environmental racism in Louisiana.

24 May 2021, 18:00 - 19:30
Free, but ticketed.
25 May 2021, 18:00 - 19:00
email racerightssovereignty@gsa.ac.uk to book.

Both events will be held on Zoom.

The lecture will be live captioned.

The seminar will be captioned via otter.ai.

What does it mean for Black people to fight for the rights of nature while we are still fighting for our basic human rights? How can a practice of exposing the segregative fissures driven through existence hold space for humble rituals of repair?


In this lecture and seminar, Imani will discuss her investigations into environmental racism in Louisiana through a carefully cultivated research praxis incorporating: counter-forensics (combining innovative technology and grassroots wisdom to investigate state and corporate crime), cartographic unraveling (tracing lines of accountability through corporate succession), and autonomic research (a hybrid practice of remote and intimate sensing through the experience of being in and becoming place).

Imani Jacqueline Brown, Old Gods, 2021. Framed and reflected chart of permits for coastal development, including oil and gas wells, flowlines, pipelines, and access canals in Quarantine Bay, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana (1920-2020), mapped against antebellum Public Land Survey System (PLSS) charts (1820s-1860s). The PLSS was the first US system to plat, or divide, territory into parcels of private property.

Imani Jacqueline Brown is an artist, activist, researcher, and writer from New Orleans. Her work investigates the continuum of Extractivism, which spans from colonial genocide and slavery to Cancer Alley, coastal erosion, and climate change.

In exposing the layers of violence and resistance that structure US society, Imani frees up space to imagine a path to ecological reparations. Among other things, Imani is currently a researcher with Forensic Architecture.


Imani Jacqueline Brown, Oil access canals and marsh restoration in the Lafitte Oil Field, Jefferson Parish, Lousisiana, 2019. Flight courtesy of SouthWings and HealthyGulf.