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Image: Ghost ship off the south-eastern coast of Barbados, 2017. Image courtesy Dr S Ayesha Hameed

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In the Darkness, New Life Emerges:
A Writing Workshop

Martha Adonai Williams

Tuesday 3 May 2022,
14:30 - 16:30

Woodlands Community Garden

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The archetype of 'the shadow' represents the energy of the dark side, the unexpressed, the unrealised, the rejected. Yet all around us we can witness a different truth about the dark that can shift our perspective to the 'not yet' expressed, realised and welcomed.

Think about a seed nestled in fresh compost, its coat cracking open in the moisture, releasing roots into the depths below. In the darkness, new life emerges, creation happens; under the soil, in the womb, in a dream state.

Close up photograph of seeds germinating.

In this writing workshop, we will embrace the idea of the dark as an emergent dream space, as fertile ground, exploring how we can write from our dark places, and to get to know our dark places, perceiving these hidden or forgotten selves not as shameful or scary but as warrens of protection, potential, and creative power.

Surrounded by the abundance of the garden as a symbol of the flourishing that starts in the dark, we will engage in writing and sensory exercises, conversation and sharing. All activities will be an invitation and you can participate in what feels useful for you. There will be opportunities to share your thoughts and work if you want to.

All the resources that you will need will be provided. You may, however, want to bring a good pen that you enjoy writing with and a notebook.

Martha Adonai Williams is a writer, facilitator, black feminist and friend. Her practice departs to and returns from black feminist world-making, always, with regular layovers in front of trash tv or at the allotment. Her work considers the wilderness and margins as sites of resistance, refusal and homecoming. She works with writing and storytelling as therapeutic tools and as methods for community building.

This workshop is part of the Race, Rights & Sovereignty Caring Between Practices strand. Caring Between Practices centres artists who are working at the intersections of art and holistic healing practice. Through this, thinking about how artists can use these practices to care for themselves and communities.

Image (Top): Seed, Roger Evans